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Our Response to COVID-19

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to reach out during this time of uncertainty to let you know the steps that we, as a team, are taking at Meridian Landscaping to reduce the risk of COVID-19 to our teams and our clients.

  • Exercise proper hygiene etiquette: covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze with the inside of your elbow or a tissue, not into your hands. This also includes proper hand washing, body washing, and facial cleanliness

  • Transitioning to crews of 2 (whenever possible) to increase social distancing

  • Hand sanitizer is provided at the front of our office in preparation of any touch points that are difficult to avoid.

  • All hand tools will be wiped down and sanitized after use

  • Our teams haven been instructed to maintain a respectful distance and not to shake hands with our clients upon greeting. We appreciate your understanding and please recognize that this is not a sign of a lack of respect or unfriendliness.

Our priority, as always, is keeping members of the Meridian family safe and healthy, while still providing service to our loyal customers. Please know that our service to our clients continues to be a priority as is providing work for so many young people that need to ensure they can receive a pay cheque. As scheduling during this time has its challenges, we are doing our best to maintain the consistency of crews and the days we visit our properties, but we do ask for your understanding if and possibly when we need to make changes that may impact our regular routines.

Thank you,

Meridian Landscaping

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