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Renovation Highlight - Alternative Options

It is no secret that older houses can have a tired landscape. Sometimes the plants are outdated for the space, the soil is withered down with lack of nutrients, or there is merely nothing left to look at. It is a big decision to redo a whole area but can be very rewarding!

Everyone has different preferences, but a lot of the choices come down to the level of maintenance you are looking for. For this specific project, we had the opportunity to reconstruct the entire front yard. If you are interested in lower maintenance, a wonderful option is adding big beautiful rocks!

By excavating the front yard and taking the time to level and grade the surface, we were able to create the perfect to evenly distribute 3-6 inch rick rock to the newly developed yard. We added a few larger boulders to add some dimension to the space.

For the pathway, we trenched a small path where we wanted to lay down the paving stones. The pavers we used were larger that what we typically work with, but with the black charcoal appearance it added some nice character. After levelling and grading the path, we measured out the paving stones to create even gaps for foot traffic. We then applied smaller river rock for the gaps to prevent shifting and to add another layer of dimension.

If this is something you are looking for, don't hesitate to reach out! We would love to help you create the landscape you want.

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