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In Memory of Jason Conn

We are extremely sad to share with you all that one our team members have passed away as a result of a heart condition that he had been challenged with over the last few years. Jay was one of those charismatic individuals who got along with everybody. He had been at Meridian since the beginning and worked along with Sarah as she grew her company. He was a close friend to all of us, and we have so many amazing memories with him. Jay was always inviting and the most reliable guy you could ask for. He also loved to complain about stuff. Some of our favourite complaints include double rainbows…. Why all the hype? People who parked in our designated spots, can they not read the sign? However, his biggest complaint, is the lack of sour skittles that would be available at the shop in the mornings. Most people need coffee to wake up, but Jay needed that sugar fix!

Jay was a very social guy and loved to hang out with his friends, and this included a lot of people at Meridian. We were so lucky to have that kind of relationship with such a funny, grumpy, and generous guy. His door was always open, especially if you wanted to sit and complain about things, or just have a friendly, but competitive game of Catan.

Jay was also a very particular guy and was very open to his likes and dislikes. He was the type of guy who did not like beer. He would always be caught saying, “No beer, just man juice!” In reference to his cocktails and vodka sodas. He also was very particular with his food. He was a meat and cheese kind of guy. However, if you mention the words Legendary Noodle, he would already be out the door ready for you to drive him there. He really enjoyed being chauffeured around.

We all have so many fond memories of Jay, and we are lucky to have people around us at Meridian to share some of those stories. Jay has positively affected so many of our lives, inside and outside of Meridian, and we are so grateful to have experienced that.

Jay we love you and miss you greatly. ❤️

A GoFundMe has been set up by Tim Fry to help with funerary costs.

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