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Mobile Watering

For Trees and Shrubs

Tree Bags


For properties without irrigation, Meridian Landscaping offers a mobile watering service to water shrubs, trees, or flowerbeds.


Our watering truck is equipped with a 350 gallon water tank, and 300 feet of hose. Amount and frequency can be customized when setting up a watering plan for your property.

For trees that require extra watering, above what is permitted under water restrictions during the hot months of the year, Meridian can equip your trees with Gatorbags. Gatorbags hold 15 gallons of water, which is then slowly released into the root zone of the tree.


Meridian will then fill the bags weekly, giving the trees the extra water they need to make it through a hot and dry summer. This product is especially good for newly planted trees that need help getting established, or trees showing signs of stress.

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