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Renovations- Installing a Paver Pathway and River Rock

Paver pathways are a great feature for any landscape! In this particular job we installed 24" X 24” pavers leading from the back door to the alley entrance. It is not only helping create a pathway for foot traffic, but it adds character to any yard or garden.

For this job, we were faced with a dilemma. After many days of rain in Vancouver (just a normal day in the lower mainland), we had flooding in the areas where we were supposed to put down sod. The areas that were to get this new lawn addition were completely saturated and muddy. This is far from an ideal condition when wanting to install sod.

Instead of putting in a lawn, we decided it would make more sense to excavate the areas that were flooding and add river rock. This would eliminate future flooding and reduce the risk of rotting the nearby fence. This turned out to be a great feature to the landscape, it not only helped with the water, but created an appealing design!

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