Meridian Landscaping provides exceptional grounds maintenance services for strata complexes, commercial properties, and public green spaces. Meridian's employees are your eyes and ears on the property, not only performing the specifications of our contract, but alerting you to potential issues before they become a problem, monitoring the long term health of your landscape and suggesting budget conscious ways to enhance your property.

  • Consistent, Value oriented service – our refined estimating allows us to know precisely how many crew members to assign for any task, so our services are delivered efficiently and consistently.
  • Precise Timing – our scheduling ensures we know when to treat, maintain and renew so that the grounds are always looking at their best.
  • Communication – our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our managers complete regular site inspections and provide reports outlining general work schedules. We have a tremendous amount of industry experience and an abundance of resources at our finger tips. There is no problem we can't solve working together — we want to ensure you are completely satfisfied.

Landscape Enhancements

Meridian Landscaping can enhance, improve and add considerable value to your property.

We work with you to create careful landscape alterations and thoughtful improvements. Our services include custom garden renovations, custom planters, patio installation, and irrigation set-up.

Jobs include everything from minor renovations of those tired areas in your garden, to more complex design and installations for new gardens.

Meridian will work with you on a personal basis from start to finish improving your environment, identifying and fixing potential long term problems caused by poor installation and/or design.

Meridian takes great pride in its sites and is always looking for ways to work with customers to improve the appearance of their home landscape.

  • Planning and Installation
  • Seasonal Colour Displays
  • Creative solutions to unsustainable or unsightly areas
  • Hide or fix unsightly problems
  • Pressure washing landscape features
Chafer Beatles

European Chafer Control

European Chafer is one of the most damaging turf pests in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. The grubs feed on the roots of turf, causing the grass to weaken. Rodents and birds will then come at night and turn over the grass to uncover and feed on the grubs, causing extensive damage to the turf. If left untreated, the grubs will multiply and damage will get worse over time. The use of pesticides to control chafer is not permitted in Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, or the District of North Vancouver.

Fortunately Meridian offers two methods of non-chemical control.

Nematodes are one of the most effective forms of control for the European chafer beetle. Nematodes are microscopic parasitic worms that burrow into the grubs and kill them from within. They are not harmful to people, pets or animals. Our technicians can treat areas of any size. This treatment is time sensitive and must be applied between the first and third weeks of July to attack the grubs before laying their eggs. Booking treatment by mid May is recommended to ensure an appointment.

Grub Gone is a new treatment composed of a naturally occurring bacteria called Bacillus Thuringiensis. It is a granular powder that is applied to lawns with a drop spreader and is activated upon being watered into the soil afterwards. This product is not considered a pesticide and is therefore permitted for use in Vancouver, West Vancouver, and North Vancouver. While Nematodes are the more proven treatment, Grub Gone can be used in both spring and fall if the window for applying Nematodes has been missed.



As a member of the Irrigation Industry Association of British Columbia we have installed hundreds of sprinkler systems, and we now work primarily in the service and maintenance of existing systems. The properties we service range from single-family residences to large multi-complex residential and commercial sites throughout Vancouver, West Vancouver and North Vancouver.

Our policy is to do excellent work using high-quality reliable products. We are known for our conscientious, experienced, and polite technicians. Meridian Landscaping – Irrigation Division is insured and licensed to perform all the services we offer. We cooperate with municipal authorities, adhere to bylaws and obtain permits when required.


  • Annual Start Up and Winterizing of irrigation systems
  • Certified Backflow Testing and Repair
  • Installation of Backflow Prevention Devices as required by municipal authorities
  • Expert Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Alterations and Extensions to existing systems
  • Upgrades to Coverage and Efficiency
  • Installation of Rain Sensors for Water Conservation
  • Installation of Drip Systems for Hanging Baskets, Planters and Pots
Mobile Tree and Shrub Watering

Mobile Tree and Shrub Watering

For properties without irrigation, Meridian Landscaping offers a mobile watering service to water shrubs, trees, or flowerbeds. Our watering truck is equipped with a 350 gallon water tank, and 300 feet of hose. Amount and frequency can be customized when setting up a watering plan for your property.


Tree Bag

Tree Bags

For trees that require extra watering, above what is permitted under water restrictions during the hot months of the year, Meridian can equip your trees with Gatorbags. Gatorbags hold 15 gallons of water, which is then slowly released into the root zone of the tree. Meridian will then fill the bags weekly, giving the trees the extra water they need to make it through a hot and dry summer. This product is especially good for newly planted trees that need help getting established, or trees showing signs of stress.

To arrange for watering service, send an email to:


Horticultural Vinegar

Horticultural Vinegar

Meridian Landscaping uses Horticultural Vinegar as a way to control weeds growing in patios, rock beds, or any surface that does not have plants or grass. This chemical is an effective and environmentally conscious alternative to Roundup, which was banned in Vancouver for cosmetic use to control weeds several years ago. It is also a much more effective long term solution to controlling pavement weeds than cutting them back with a weed eater, which does not remove the roots. The treatment works best in sunny weather with a temperature above 15 degrees.

For a quote to apply horticultural Vinegar to your property please email

Her crew are hard working, friendly and dependable. Quotes are always given before any new work is done and have always stayed within the projected budget. Our Strata development is happy to endorse Meridian Landscaping.

Emmy Maerov, Edenshaw Development Strata

Meridian's assistance in planning, supplying, planting and maintaining my garden and prompt attention to detail has been most gratifying. I would highly recommend them in either capacity.

Carol Neill, Homeowner